Popular Roulette Variations

There are a few games of roulette that can be found online, though not every site will support all types. In fact, since the use of Ethereum is relatively new, there are limited sites that are available at this time. However, most of those that are operating will offer some form of gambling since it is considered to be a casino classic.

The most popular gambling variation is European gambling and this game offers a decent house edge for players. With this version of gambling, there are just 37 spaces used on the wheel and players will enjoy better payouts. The betting options are widespread and players can place even money bets as well as those that can offer payouts as high as 35:1. European roulette is the preferred variation and is the game that is played by most players who have experience with the game.

American gambling is anther version that is often seen online and this game follows the same rules of European gambling. The main difference is the addition to the 00 spot on the wheel, which increases the spots from 37 to 38. This slight increase also increases the house edge, so players who are looking for the best chances of winning will avoid playing American roulette whenever possible.

Another version that can be enjoyed is French gambling. This game is based on European roulette but all betting options ate presented in French. There is also one slight rule change and this is the La Partage.

With this, any even money bets that are placed will return half of the bet amount if the ball lands in the green zero spot on the wheel. This one rule makes a huge difference as it can lower the house edge to 1.35%, which is actually lower than the European roulette rate of 2.7%.

The version played is all up to the player, but these three games can all offer some nice returns overall. When played with Ethereum, players can place multiple wagers and collect payouts, just as if they were playing with cash at a land based casino.

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